Help 3 different hatch dates/ Brooders.

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8 Years
Aug 17, 2011
I have 3 different hatch dates going on in bator at the minute, 5 light sussex due 5 Sept, 6 silkies due 14 Sept and 6 more silkies going in tomorrow. I have three bators so lockdown is not going to be a problem, my concern is brooders. Will i need 3 brooders? or will i get away with 1 average size for when they hatch and 1 big one to go moving them in together as they get a little bit bigger?.
Would love some advise and any ideas you might all have for me.
Thanks, marlene.
The chicks that hatch on the 5th and 6th should be alright in the brooder together. It could be iffy adding the chicks hatching on the 14th. You can try it just watch them closely. Good Luck, Michele
I've done it many times, no problems!
Hi thanks for the feedback. Kidcody how did you do it bit more info will be great.
I really don't want 3 brooders plus don't really have the space for 3, just wondering how others in this situation have done it.
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