[help] 3 months old Barred Rock pullet has not grown


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May 28, 2011
We have a three-month old Barred Rock pullet that has refused to grow much at all. She doesn't eat much, and as a result is not much bigger than a chick. We are wondering if there is a problem, and what we can do about it. We are worried that she will be too small by the time she gets to egg laying age and it will kill her.

Any suggestions are welcome


Brian and Grace in Richmond, CA
To further explain things, she is about 2 pounds or less and only about six inches high. Attached is a picture with her brood mate (a Light Brahma), who is actually two days younger than her! We are very worried about her.
Hi Purplerain,

That photo is beautiful---I just have to remark on it. The composition, the lighting and even the subtle coloring are really mellow.

You are thinking that your Barred Rock should be closer in size to your other chicken, and you noticed that she isn't eating as much as you think she should, but don't see anything else that would indicate a problem, is that it?

April 19th I got two Barred Rocks when they were 5-months old and they were quite big-looking, but they kept/keep their feathers loosely fluffed most of the time -- Although I am new to chickens, I think I have heard that they do grow slowly and develop at their own pace. Is there a chance that the BR is being crowded away from the feeder by more agressive chickens, and if you added a second small feeder she would have a better chance at eating?

Hopefully you will get answers from chicken experts, and post the results once you find out what the complete story on that pretty little pullet is.
My guess too--I think she is a banty--she looks healthy by picture. Check breastbone and her structure and see if it all adds up. You can place another small feeder in with them to make sure she is getting what she needs, but I don't think that's an issue. I think if it was she would def. look very ill and undernourished by this point and that does not seem to be the case. IMO
I have a 7 wk old speckled sussex that is smaller then ever body else. Every one told me roos develop much slower then hens do. I think him or her egg rolled in to the wrong room
or maybe it is a runt. Your bird looks very healthy try some treats with her also hard boiled egg my girls love it they go crazy for it also meal worms. Bigger ones might push her out of
the way so try her by herself. As long as every thing checks out just keep an eye on her. Are you giving them grit and what kind of food are you feeding.
Someone else beat me to it but I second that she looks alert and healthy - and she's a doll to boot. I think she is a bantam or a bantam wannabee. Do you ever watch to see if she is pushed away from the feed/water? I'm thinking not. She is just meant to be tiny. Does she hold her own with the bigger gals, or get bullied?
Thank you for all the replies and compliments. Her name is Natasha. Some of you suggested feeling her breastbone. What are we looking for in the breastbone? Also, I don't know if it's important, but she doesn't sound like a chicken - she still makes peeps, while her broodmate sounds like a full-growner. If she's a bantam, does that mean she develops at a normal pace, so she will be laying at about six months or so? Her personality is not like a bantam's, she is very reticent and gets bullied by the other hens quite a bit.

Thanks backyarders!

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