Help! 5-6 month old chicken not walking properly


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Jul 12, 2016
I need your expertise again.... I have an Easter Egger chicken who can walk properly, but today is preferring to walk in a squatting or just wit. She does not have bumblefoot. No noticeable tenderness or swelling. Also, I didn't notice any unusual warmth in any part of her legs. I;be posted a video of her at
Every once in awhile one of mine will be limping and I just separate it for a day or so from the flock. I put in in a Rubbermaid container with a wire across the top. It is usually better in a couple of days. I had a few days old chick dragging a leg. I cut off a cuff of a sock and put it over the chicken to hold its one leg against its body for a couple of days. It limped a day or two more and then was perfectly fine.

Chickens are resilient given a chance. On the other hand if it was really bad after a week I would probably cull it.
Thanks. I've already separated her into an enclosure inside the run. I recently had another Easter Egger that was lame and she just rejoined the others after about 3 weeks. She is doing much better and will not need to be culled.

The first one I would go get and place into the hen house before I closed it up each night. I think tonight that I'll leave the current one inside the enclosure for the night. She has a crate inside which she's already made herself comfortable inside. And she has food and water.
Unfortunately, I found her dead this afternoon. I live on an island and had to take the ferry this morning -- before I left, I noticed that the waterer might be out of her reach, but got distracted and didn't get to lowering it. It's been a hot day and now that I think about it, although she had water, she may not have been able to reach it due to her walking problems while she was in the enclosure. I feel badly about that. So, I'm guessing heat stroke and deyhdration. She also hadn't laid any eggs since I put her in there yesterday morning.

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