Help! 6 Wk old Duckling with feet that turn inward can't walk!!!

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    My sweet little Black Swedish duckling Forrest has had a rough run of things in her life so far! We noticed she walked a little funny when we brought her home, but as ducklings sort of bobble around we figured she was just getting her legs about her. As time has progressed she has gotten worse! She is now 6 weeks old and her problems are advanced. It started with her right foot, she wouldnt really walk on it, after checking her feet we discovered a small scab on the "heel". We treated her for Bumblefoot: Epsom salt soaks 3 times a day, Prid, wraps, penicillin, and limited movement. The foot healed up. But almost immediately her left leg became a problem! She walks with her feet turned at the hock...her left leg is worse than her right leg, but both are bad..she can't walk, she falls forward. I tried flexing her leg backward to see if she had a slipped tendon, but her tendons feels in place. The joint at her foot seems like it won't bend. She walks on her hocks. I have added b complex to her diet 2 weeks ago, she and her 4 siblings have been on 16% grower/finisher since we brought them home (at around 4 days old), with nutritional flakes added about 1/4 c added to every 2 c of feed. I have added poly-vi-sol to all of the ducklings water. None of the other ducklings have leg problems and my 10 older ducks were raised the same way and they are all fine. I have her in the house with me now, as I'm very concerned about her. I had to put her siblings out in the integration pen, as I could not keep them indoor anymore. I feel like I'm failing her! Currently I am continuing with the diet and swim therapy and using a walker...but she keeps getting out! I'm very worried about her! Any input or advice is greatly appreciated!! Here is a link to a video of her trying to walk

    20180712_201436.jpg Here are pics of her hocks as they appear enlarged compared to my other ducklings 20180712_201441.jpg 20180712_201549.jpg 20180712_201544.jpg 20180712_201554.jpg 20180714_151522.jpg
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    I had ducks with this problem and it turns out that ducks need much more niacin than chickens do. Once I added crushed niacin to the water the ducks stopped randomly developing leg and joint problems. I wish I would have known this before my later hatched a clutch of eggs...on chicken layer feed! Niacin free! So my suggestion is to add more niacin. I crushed several pills in a gallon of water daily for my ducks. Leg problems resolved in about a week.
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