Help! 7 month old hens not laying yet


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Mar 29, 2020
I am a total newbie to chickens. I bought 4 lavender orpingtons that were three days old April 1 2020. They are obviously at laying age now. They look like they are ready to lay any minute but still nothing. One of them sits on ground like she is roosting when they are free ranging but I have not seen her go into nesting box. I have 6 total. two are too young yet .they were introduced second and the most recent additions that I got 2 months ago are the same exact age as my orpingtons. they are Austrolorps and one is laying a green egg every day. nobody else is. no hiding eggs - they have not laid a single egg. I had them on a high quality organic raw grain food all the way up to this month when I switched to Dumor layer pellets. I thought they were eating it like crazy but the laying austrolorp hen who is also the boss on the flock was just showing it all out of the pic pipe feeder with her head! so its all on the sand ground! I do not know what I am going wrong. I also supplement black sunflower seeds and I let them free range a couple hours a day.....they get ACVinigar and garlic in water. should I change food back to grower?


Dec 29, 2019
Wichita, Kansas
So first, do you free range all the time or only when you’re with them. You sound pretty confident that they haven’t laid yet, but free range birds often hide their eggs in some strange places.

Are their combs red? Do they squat when you approach? And this may sound odd, but are you certain they are actually pullets? (I’ve seen people end up with cockerels wondering why they didn’t have eggs.)

Also, Australorps lay brown eggs, so your green layer is likely an EE of some sort.

I may have gotten confused on just how many of what you have. You said six total, two are too young to lay, two Australorps, and the four in question. Right? But someone is laying a green egg...

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