Help! Abandoned duck eggs - hatching (with no incubator)


7 Years
Jul 9, 2014
Couches, France
Anyone out there that can assist? We had a female duck on a nest of 8 eggs. 4 hatched sometime during last night and she has now abandoned the nest and there are 4 eggs left.

One has a crack with some shell missing and white membrane showing, a little beak is sticking out, but there is some blood. She is chirping occasionally (quite loudly). I think I heard pips from 2 others. Not sure about the 4th.

We do not have an incubator. I have currently put a damp towel in a box on its side, with the opening in front of a heater to capture the heat, and put all the eggs on the towel.

I know I have to wait and hope.

Any suggestions on anything that might be better than a box, towel and heater? (I don't have a thermometer, so can't monitor temperature.)

Anyone with realistic suggestions, etc. please advise.

(Note it's Sunday, so I can't go out and buy anything)
Thank you for the link. No fish tank, or thermometer.

I do have a insulated cooler. Wondering if that might be better than a box...

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