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    WE GOT OUR FIRST EGG! Woooo! We are beyond excited! It happened yesterday. I still have no idea which chicken is laying but I was curious, should I switch to layer feed even though only one of my five hens are laying? There is a 3-4 week age gap between the oldest and youngest chickens. Thanks so much in advance!
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    Simple solution - feed a flock raiser or other unmedicated grower ration (so if the feed you are using now is un-medicated you are already doing this) - and offer supplemental calcium (oyster shell) on the side. You can continue this the entire time you have a flock - that way it never matters if you have young/old, laying/not actively laying, pullets/hens or roosters in the flock - everyone gets great nutrition (plus side is extra protein vs. a layer ration) and the laying birds will take the calcium they need from the offered shell (which should be offered with laying ration anyway, imo)
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