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May 24, 2011
Ok so i will make long story short.

I just got two Red legged Partridges i order from a very expensive farm in the north of france, very well know for the breeding stock " ferme de beaumont" if you have the time i suggest looking around the site they have some great stuff,
i had them by themselve for three weeks and when they seemed healthy enough i put them in their newly constructed Ariary, with my four quail.
and everyone was as happy as pigs in Shhhhhh well they were very content.
but two days ago i went in to fix one of the post and re-enforce it.
and one of the two Partridge went nuts.. and she figured a way out. and now i have one by its self, and i have heard that is no a goos situation for Partridge.... so should I let him go aswell, because he is always alone; and now he is sleeping outside in the cold.

so should i release him so he can find his wife????? im sure she is just hiding in the woods behind my house.
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Or should i just leave him in with the Quail?
I'm worried about him, and i have tried to find more partridge to add so he wont be alone , but no luck everyone is sold out.... the hunting season is now right now and the french LOVE hunting game birds.
I would put some food and water out around your pen and wait a few days to see if she returns. Usually birds that have mates or others of the same speices will stay close. If she returns to your pen area you should be able to trap her with no problem. Good Luck Amigo

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