help animal control wants to remove my chickens because of noise.


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Aug 11, 2014
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Wxguru - of course the neighbor shouldn't trespass - but sometimes talking to the person is a better avenue than calling the cops immediately. There's really no going back from escalating to the police.

Unless maryhsc has had conversation with the neighbor before, it sounds like they have escalated it already by calling animal control. At the same time, conversations work wonders... As do free eggs.

@maryhsc , what are the zoning laws? Like so many have asked, are you allowed to even have chickens in your area? I'd be interested to know.

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Aunt Theodora

Oct 7, 2021
My 7 girls are 1 year old and my whole family LOVES them. We live in a neighborhood but out of town limits. My next door neighbor has called animal control. yesterday while I was not home he walked into the backyard and they began to sing thinking he was going to feed them. They are fenced in and have a better home than some people. Always have access to shelter water and food. It's been rainy here and there is a small smell but anyone with a dog in the yard has a smell right now, in this neighborhood. They have cleaned out all grass in their fenced area which is a large area. Could they just need grass? Can I get them to quiet down? Please help me.
In spring or in areas flooded keeping any animals clean and dry is almost impossible. Some soils like clay are very messy. I suggest you try mixing gravel or vermiculite in soil and rotating area where chickens run. As for laying egg jubilation. Birds will sing. Dogs bark. And people play radios at 100 plus decibels when they drive around the town. Always keep chicken poop turned to dry it out. We use to have a kennel. Very near impossible to keep well groomed even in a kennel with concrete in the runs.

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