Help!! Baby Chick lost her only playmate Help!!


10 Years
Jun 8, 2009

I had two baby chicks that hatched at the same time. They are about one or two weeks old. Sunday morining, we found one of the baby chicks dead. We dont know what happen, the chick was fine when we went to bed last night.

Her sibling has not stop crying for her. As long as one of us holds him, he is ok and calms down. The moment we put in back into the box, he starts crying. We tried putting in a small stuff animal to fool him that he isnt alone, but it hasnt worked.

We do have some chickens that are few weeks older than him but we are afraid that if put one of them in the same box that the bigger chicken would step all over him. I dont know what to do to help him, and I am afriad he will die of a broken heart since it was his only playmate.

Help any advice!!!!

That reminds me of my Silkies Snow and Buffy -No, one didnt die- but when their apart they FREAK OUT!!! Its so sweet.

But about your problem,

Buy another chick and hurry!

Imagine living in a box without ANYONE else to talk to -Or interact with-

That would be terrible

So get a new one... I wouldst want to see yours suffer
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