HELP Best way to kill a sick baby chick?


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Apr 25, 2010
Northern WI
I have a really sick chick. Shes about 7 weeks old, and her feet are frostbite (mama hen decided she diddent want her chicks in the middle of the freezing night) well the chicks feet are so frostbitten, and she can barley walk, and is loosing weight. I dont want to snap its neck or drown it. I need a quick and NOT painful way/answer on the best way to kill her.
So sorry to here about your chick

I think some people put their sick chicks in a container with wet baking soda and hen close the lid
Others cut the head of with scissors, but thats probably not what your looking for.
When you have an animal in your care that is suffering from illness or injury, it is depending on you to provide the final kindness by giving it a humane end. Humane = fast & effective. It's not time to worry about your feelings, but instead pull up your britches and do what's best for your animal.

I know it's tough to dispatch a baby chick, but really, the fastest & most effective way is to snip through the neck with a pair of sharp scissors. Poultry shears or kitchen scissors can do the job well. I don't like to watch it happen, so I do it with my hands inside a paper bag or at night over the hole I've dug at the drip-line of a bush. I can hold the chick with one hand and position the scissors open at the neck. Then without looking I can make the quick snip and let the pieces fall into the bag or hole. It's effective because once the neck is severed the chick has Crossed The Road. Although there may still be some reflexive movement from the chick's body.

When I bury the chicks at the drip-line of a bush I know it will then contribute to the growth of the plant, and in that way, continue on.
It is a hard thing to have to euthanize one of your own chicks. I have had to do it once and I used the kitchen scissors. It is a fast method. I did not like doing it at all but as Sunny_Side_Up said, when it has to be done you have to do what is best for the animal and not necessarily what is the easiest on your heart. I hope I never have to do it again, but I know that it is possible. I would rather relieve the animal from pain and suffering. So sorry you have to go through this.
There is a method of putting the chick in a container that will seal up. A gallon size ziplok bag will work. Measure out baking soda and pour this into a seperate container, zip lok bag works here also. Put a cup of vinegar into a measuring cup and set the measuring cup in the bag with the baking soda. Now connect the two containers with a length of hose or tubing. once this is done, tip the measuring cup of vinegar over into the baking soda. It is fairly fast. There is a complete link with photo's here on BYC, just do a search. Good luck! It's never easy to do, no matter what method you choose.

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