HELP Birds attacking each other!!


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May 13, 2013
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I have a rhoad island red chicken, and an americano and 2other birds,
But the RIR is ATTACKING my americano,
By attacking i mean chasing her around the yard and plucking feathers off of her.
What can i do to solve this?
No personal experience but apparently if you leave them out for a few weeks when you put them back in they drop to the bottom of the pecking order which can stop the behaviour. No guarantees though.

Is it a quick chase and peck then its over or a constant attacking?
Chasing and pecking is pretty normal but if it becomes a constant attack all the time that's not.
I have a couple of girls that chase one of mine around and peck her butt. It's not constant but it happens often.....Also I noticed that one of the other hens had a feather from one of the others in her mouth. Is this serious or just establishing their pecking order?
Some chickens just aren't compatible, if its to the point of cornering and getting on top the chicken and pecking the head it'll prolly end up killing her.
I've heard of cases where chickens can get addicted to other chicken blood. This is rare but it can happen from what I heard. In that case, you'd either have to sell or cull.

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its only around food and I haven't seen any blood yet. I have been watching them a lot.
I have no way of separating them and the thing is it is my moms bird (the RIR) and she wont believe me she thinks I over react but when I see it 5 times and im seeing feathers from one bird (my Americano) and the evil RIR is the largest the next is the black Austrolopre then my Americano then the other sweet RIR.
any other suggestions?
There is a cream that I've heard of that you rub on the 'victim's' attacked area. It is supposed to taste bad to the other chicken. I haven't tried it though so no personal experience.

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