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    May 13, 2009
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    I have a 2yr. old pekin hen who has a huge extended belly. I noticed her kind of dragging her bottom the other day and watched her for a while. It was not normal. I had the opportunity tonight to examine her belly. It is indeed extended and it feels like there is a hard tumor on one side. I felt the other female ducks and the stomach was flat and normal. Big difference in the one who has the problem.She dosen't seem to be in any kind of pain. Eating normaly, playing normaly.
    I did notice at onetime or two that she was kind of staying to herself but that changed. She is out playing with the others again.
    I was told she could be egg-bound....what do I do if anything ? Should I take her to a Vet ?

    I had to re-home three of our roosters today so it's been a very sad day and now this. Please, If anyone has any info for us, It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Mona-the- Duck........
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    its been 8 years and no one replied to this? If you are still out there Mona,,, did you find out what it was? what happenned?

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