HELP!! broken foot??


In the Brooder
Apr 4, 2015
So my 3 year old chicken won't stand on her leg, she just holds it up in her belly feathers and hops around her foot is swollen and almost is turned in kinda no scabs so no brumble foot if it's broke where should I splint?? Thanks!
She may have suffered a bad sprain or a broken bone. Do you see bruising or bones out of alignment anywhere on the leg.I would probably place her in a cage or small pen with food and water to force her to rest the leg for 1-2 weeks, and then evaluate how she is doing at that time. Here is a good article with a lot of info to read about broken bones:
Ok so her the palm of her foot and her outer toe are really swollen and almost feel callused
She could have a bad sprain, but there can be several conditions such as mycoplasma synovitis, viral or bacterial arthritis, or gout that can cause swelling in the foot. I would confine her, and keep her off the foot as much as possible.

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