Help! Broken leg possibly! What do I do?

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Apr 13, 2014
Bloomington, IN
I have an EE that apparently got stumbled on and now has an injured leg. She is about 10 weeks old and so very sweet. I am NOT good with moving parts and bones and nurse like things. I tried to take some pictures to help if at all possible. I have some self sticking gauze that I can use to help hold it in place if needed but I am gagging at the thought of popping a joint back in place or moving a broken bone. Do I euthanize her if I can't help her without being nauseous? If I choose to euthanize, how do I do it? Does that make me a horrible chicken mother? :/

Both legs to see the major difference...

Normal, uninjured leg...

Injured leg...

I have more pictures if needed.
It would not make you a horable chicken mother because you are just doing what's best for her there is different ways of doing it witch I don't Agee with like puting her in a bucket then puting her in the egsost of a veical or put her in a bag and drowns her or step on her it is sad but if it was me I would leave her alon and take her to a vet and then may say rap her leg in vet rap or they might say just leave he and her bones might grow back together and dose she move it and what dose she do if you move it

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