Help! Bumble foot possibility???


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Dec 10, 2015
So I noticed a few weeks ago one small scab on each foot of my bantam silkie, Poof. She is about 2.5 years old and is the trooper of my flock! When I saw these scabs I took her inside, soaked her feet washed them and cleansed her feet with antibacterial soap. I then flipped her over and the scabs wiped away with a paper towel very easily. They weren't really stuck on hard. There was no swelling or redness or heat on the pads of her feet, and under the scab was pink healthy looking skin. So i thought nothing of the situation and put her back in the coop to play with her flock.

A week or two after that incident I noticed she had a very slight limp, like she was favoring one foot over the other. She was also molting. I took her inside again to be examined and there was nothing on her feet, and moved/ examined each leg and toe, resistance was good, no evidence of a break. Curling her toes around my finger. so I put her back. I thought maybe a pokey pin feather was coming in on her foot.

Its been another few weeks and her limp has progressed so much so that she no longer uses that foot anymore. She hops and flaps her wings to get moving, eats and drinks as usual, but sits whenever she can. I examined her legs again, she sort of pulls her lame leg up to her body (imagine is you and I hopped up and down on one foot) that is how it looks. tucked up against the underside of her body, not forward but backward. no evidence of swelling still or breaks. She doesn't want to curl her toes anymore though as much, but still slightly

the flock is beginning to turn on her and it breaks my heart to see it, because she was my very first chicken! the one with the big personality for a teeny body.

So my question is, what do i do? could she have had bumble foot, and have it healed on its own? if not what are the symptoms if left untreated??? does she have a possible internal infection? I haven't seen any information on bumble foot besides treatment/ surgeries. and she doesn't have scabs or swelling anymore, just a lame leg. is a untreated symptom loss of a leg? I just don't know! any information on what you think she might have would be very helpful.

Should I ask my vet for any antibiotics too??
it may be mareks or the bummble foot may have not healed from the bummble foot because when you peal the scab off the first time it does look normal but that is just the flesh covering the actual bummble foot
I am taking her to the vet tomorrow, after a very good cleaning I looked at her feet, slight scarring from the scabs but I will have the vet look at them . I applied pressure and looked for reaction in poof, and when I pressed on some awfully big foot feathers she winced and tried to draw her foot back and wing went out. I thought maybe it was a twisted feather and infected. I pulled the huge feather and it came out too easy, was gross and dead looking on the end, like goey, definitely not thriving tissue. It only bled slightly and I applied slight pressure with cornstarch to stop the bleeding. She seeks to stand on it a bit now. Hoping it is a feather problem and antibiotics can clear it up. Darn foot feathers

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