Help! Bump under the neck *pics included*

Butters nd Meep

7 Years
Nov 2, 2012
One of my little game birds, a rooster, suddenly developed this mass or bump under his neck. It does not feel like his crop, it feels more like bone. He suddenly (in the last 24 hours) stopped walking and seems alot more sluggish then usual, he also wont stand up. I've never seen anything like this and am worried, has anyone seen anything like this??

Not that I know of, it feels like bone, could he have broken/dislocated or strained something? I'm really worried about the little guy. If somethings lodged in his throat...should he be gasping? he's pooping normally. I can feel his crop, and while there is some food in there, it doesn't feel impacted, I've had birds with impacted crops before.

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