Help? Call Duckling broken leg??


7 Years
Apr 2, 2013
I have a 4 week old call duck, long story short, predators got into the coop, before I got home from work and ate two of my babies, and hurt one, three are safe.

the one that is hurt, is walking around on one leg and then flopping and laying down...doesn't seem to be in any breathing distress... and i am newish to ducks and chickens.... I don't know what to do, I am assuming it's leg is broken , there is no wound... should I euthanize or is there some small chance that I can tryin and help it?

Should I be bringing the poor thing inside in a smallerish place for rest.... it's in a coop with 8 large hens, and it's littermates....

HELP please!! :)
I have a chicken with a broken leg. She is about 4 months old. Unfortunately I stepped on her while her leg was extended. I took her to the ER and had her splinted. Now the break if you can find my post, is near a joint and very painful. Birds pant when in distress and in pain. Check for that. Move it away from others in a smaller crate where it cannot move around too much. I can tell you what my vet did. Pinch the foot and see if it feels it, reflex etc... All birds are pretty much the same as far as bone anatomy. I did get mine x rayed and it helped in knowing what to do. If you can afford that then you can help it heal better. If you cannot afford a vet maybe you can try and splint it yourself. Feel for a fracture. You can actually feel the difference if you use the other leg as a guide. Be careful if you splint it yourself, if you don't do it right it can cause more damage than good. But if you splint you should splint above the joint where the fracture is. If you can get a hold of met cam it helps. That's an anti inflammatory and pain med. The dosage goes by weight. Again it's best the vet help there. If you can and its worth it to you maybe going to the vet for the initial exam, splinting and meds would be good. After that unless you plan on surgery and pinning I would just keep it comfortable. There is not much to do but splint. If no vet then just feel around for differences and see how it reacts to your touch. But for sure separate and immobilize as much as possible. Mine only has room to stand, stretch and sit. She re injured it after the splint came off. Ad hang in there birds are heartier than you think. My vet comes tomorrow if I get new tips I will repost. ;);)
One more thing. I hate seeing any animal in pain and euthanizing is something we default to. But these animals do injury themselves in the wild and heal without our help. I guess other than predators they die only of the injury is severe. Give it a little chance and see how it feels. I cannot stress enough the separating and limiting its moving around. It probably flops because it just doesn't have the strength in the one leg. But it will eventually while it heals. I built mine a little chair so it could stand and dangle the hurt leg.

He/she was doing much better, I made the choice to let it be with its friends because the leg does not appear to be broken as it has been putting weight on it, it did good the following day/and most of saturday walking/swimming etc, and sadly went downhill yesterday... I think just being too active. I have taken it inside now in a box with food and water, and going to let it rest for a few days. The duck is not distressed by any means! Soooo fingers crossed and only time will tell. Thanks so much for the advise!
I do the same. I see Merry walk and I leave her out too long and the next day she is not as productive. I had a little talk with her. I have decided its best for her to be resting and confined a bit longer than re fracture or injure herself again. Good luck. :D
Sad sad day.... i chkd on the duckies before i closed the coop and all three were fine... the one whom sprained his leg... is on the mend... put it back out with three for the day.. today... to find my another ones leg mangled ;( the coop is secure.... ive decided the rats must have tried to feast on it ;( i washed it the best i could and wrapped it up with ointment.... its eating and drinking *ok*.... its an open wound/break... and helpful hints?

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