HELP!!! Can't remember incubator website


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Nov 4, 2010
Merrill, WI
I haven't been on here in awhile and there are a nice incubator for about $100 with a turner and temperature control for small amounts of eggs (around 24)

Can anyone direct me to the website. I have Silkie eggs to hatch

Maybe just a teeny tiny bit of help from you? If you are looking for a website on a specific incubator, make, model, or manufacturer would help a whole lot. On a lot of them, the name plate is not much help, I know, but there might be a clue. But maybe even a picture of the incubator. Some way to maybe narrow it down a little.
Octagon 20 ECO egg incubator

I believe this is what it was? Is it decent? It looks with turner to be about $150.00. Is there anything more reasonable?

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