Help! Cat knocked my incubator off my shelf!!! D:


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Jan 14, 2012
My cat knocked my incubator off my shelf onto the carpet and batted them around a couple times! They were close to hatching so they wern't gew when it happend, my question is, WILL THEY MAKE IT????

(no I tried candling but I don't have a fancy smancy one so it's HARD!)
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Please help!!! My mom told me that eggs are harder to kill than people might think so that reassured me a bit cause she also said that when she was young she would take her hen's fertile eggs and toss 'em in the air and roll 'em around so that helped me a bit.
I once too some week old eggs that I thought were bad, (11), thru them in a plastic bag, banged the bag on the side of the garbage can a few times and threw them in. A day later, I was convinced that they were good eggs, took them out, put the uncracked ones back in the bator and all 8 uncracked hatched!
Your mum is right they are harder to kill than you think. Just put them back into the bator and let nature take its course.
After all they will either hatch or they wont you have nothing to lose if you try!!!!!! I had eggs hatch at 27 and 28 days old!!!!! Temp and humidity was wrong both those chicks needed help to hatch but both grew into really lovely roosters.

Be patient the bump and all the bother may put hatch off its date a bit by a day or two but I doubt its done much worse than that. You should see what some of the hens do to their eggs before they hatch!!!

How far off hatch date are they??? You have to post if and when they hatch now on this thread so we all know if they were fine or not!!!!!!

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