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HELP! Chick being picked on (problem with beak?) Rehome?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Chicks4MyFamily, May 11, 2011.

  1. Chicks4MyFamily

    Chicks4MyFamily Songster

    Apr 12, 2011
    Valley City, OH
    I got a gold laced cochin bantam from a lady on craigslist over the weekend along with two polish (one week old). Everything has been great until yesterday. The babies are in a clear brooder on my desk so I see them ALL day. Yesterday both of the other chicks started picking on the cochin (who is eating,drinking, pooing and growing). Now they wont leave the chick alone to even sit for a moment. I separated the chick, but all it did was cry even when it could see me (lonely). I noticed last night that when you look down from above on the cochin I can see the very edge of the bottom beak (seems very very slightly mis-aligned). I have four adult hens and 10 pullets and nowhere for this chick to go [​IMG]

    What should I do? I cannot get anymore chicks to keep this one company. Out of the 17 I have I am only going to keep 9 as it is. I live in Medina County anyone have similarly sized chicks (one week old bantam) they can add this little baby in with?

  2. AZSummer

    AZSummer Chirping

    Apr 22, 2011
    I've seen on here that some people suggest you put a stuffed animal in with the one chick so it can snuggle. Have you tried that yet?

    If you can keep the one chick separate for a while, it might help. I had two aggressive chicks I had to put in timeout (separate cage) for 4 days. They were very well mannered when they rejoined the flock. There hasn't been any henpecking since.

    EDIT: I realized you'd probably still have problems rejoining the one to the other two since they're a "flock." You might leave them separate for a while and then putting one of the 'aggressive' ones in one at a time with her so they 'join her flock.' I hope that makes sense.
    Last edited: May 11, 2011
  3. Buff-Island-Australorp

    Buff-Island-Australorp Songster

    Apr 1, 2011
    Bixby, OK
    To me, I find it odd that they would pick on it, just because its beak is crooked. I have a cross beak as well, and none of my other chickens pick on her. Except for when I trimmed back her beak and it bled for a while. They wouldn't leave her alone until the bleeding stopped.
    The cross beak will probably only get worse with that chick. I'm keeping mine, but am not really doing anything different for her as far as special feedings. Nature will take care of it unless I see signs of suffering.

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