Help! chick died and I dont know why!

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  1. mkglsam

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    Mar 9, 2012
    Sedgwick, ME
    This is my first time raising chicks and I got 10 yesterday from Tractor Supply Co. This morning one died and I don't know why. Last night they were all fine, I had the heat lamp going and they seemed content, this morning it was laying around and wouldn't move even when the other chicks walked on it, it was quietly peeping and breathing heavy. I took it out and hand fed it some sugar water but it passed away pretty quickly. I have no idea why this chick died! Please help me, since I don't want the others to die too!
    I am using medicated feed, and for the first 24 hours I gave them sugar water (that's what tractor supply told me to do), I have pine shavings about an inch deep over cardboard and am keeping the temp. at a constant 85 degrees. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Apr 6, 2011
    Sometimes that just happens for no known reason.
    85 degrees sounds a little low for 3 day old chicks to me. I keep mine around 95 the first week, then around 90 the second.
    If it were me I would up the temp . Are they huddled together ? If so they may be cold.
    Plenty of fresh water with vitamins.
    Good luck with them.
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    Same thing happened to my silkie chick just moments ago. It just got lethargic, cheeped a lot, flopped on the floor breathing heavily, and died.

    No particular reason why. It happens sometimes. Some chicks are not hearty to start with. Some get injured during transport and you can't tell.

    The temp is low for three day olds.
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    Sometimes stress is just too much for them, sometimes they just die, however I always start new chicks with Corid in their water. Coccidiosis is the number one killer of baby chicks besides too low a tempture. If all the chicks are huddled together... It's too cold, if they are laying as far away as they can from the light... Too hot. If they are laying around in a big circle or here and there.. Just right.
  5. mkglsam

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    Mar 9, 2012
    Sedgwick, ME
    Hi everybody. I think it was just a sick chick :( I did adjust my thermostat and realized it wasn't working just right, thy are spread out and not complaining, so I think its more a thermostat problem then heat, all the others are doing fine, I am not noticing any problems, I will go out and get the corid for them, any tips on use (amount and how often) I have a gallon watering jug, i change it twice a day and probably only fill it about a quarter since they get it all messy pretty quick! lol I have one little guy who is just absolutely insisting that he can fly, I am worried he may hurt himself with his many, many attempts, is this okay?

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