HELP!!!Chick hatched too early


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Mar 18, 2011
I checked the coop today and found an egg half open (top part off) and discarded. I could see the chick breathing and cheeping a bit. I think some hen or the rooster pecked at it. It was a bit shrink wrapped. I put a warm wet paper towel over her and put her on a warm rice bag. This is my second chick (live) that has hatched and the first I was out of town for, so I have NO CLUE what they really look like. There was some yolk left and her umbilical cord was still attached to the shell. She finally made her way out and I put her under the mama hen but she was quickly discarded again. I tried to move the hen to a different (safer) area but she freaked and stepped on the chick trying to get out of the brooder. I took her away and put her back where the other eggs were. Soon, one of my other broody hens (BO) set on her. Currently she is being kept warm but I'm not sure if she will survive. Is there anything I can do besides sit and wait?

If she lives, she will be named "lucky".

BTW, a friend of mine will post a picture I took of her IN the egg still. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me and Lucky.

Here you go. I hope the wise people here will help.
Thanks PrincessCHicken. I should add that the above picture was after I helped pick some of the shell off the side (left side) and put a bit of water on her.

Here she is later Two hours (+/-).

HA! I thought I couldn't post pictures. Thank you of BYC for letting me.
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Your peep looks fine. Early hatchers can sometimes die from bacterial infection that comes through their raw navel, since they come out of the egg before it's all healed. My sister and I have found that a dab of powdered sulfur (should be able to get at an old-time pharmacy or feed store that sells lots of medicines) on the navel for 3 - 5 days can help it heal up faster and keep infection at bay. Sulfur is also good for dusting on any open wound. You don't even wanna see the ginormous thing of powdered sulfur at my house! Looks like you won't need it this time, though.
Lucky looks ok, might need a little extra attention for a bit. Thank you for taking such good care of her
Uniontown, her umbilical area is quite raw looking. I have some colidal silver I thought about spraying on her. I think that will work for now, but I will definitely keep an eye on her. She is now all fluffy and looks good. She has a dot on her head. So cute! I hope her mom takes care of her.

they are in a laybox about 2+ ft off the ground. I worry about her up there. The hen won't be removed though. So for now, I hope I can move all the other hens to the other coop for the time being. I'm going to try anyway.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement. She seems so much better than I thought. Someone gave me a 10% of survival. She is doing really well. I do believe my prayers are being answered.

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