HELP! Chick hatched with protrusion from belly.


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Feb 22, 2018
This little guy was born right now, a full four days after all my other eggs hatched. To be honest I was ready to discard the eggs yesterday and he pipped while in my hand, so I'm keen on him making it. He has a protrusion out of his belly (the umbilical hole, not the anus) and I can't tell if it's a hernia, or yolk remnants or what (this is my first hatch) it was attached to the allantois (i think? the inner poop sack?) by several clear threads and he was dragging his egg around for a bit. The protrusion is bloody but not bleeding and he does not seem to be acting any different than a normal chick so far (one of the chicks I hatched on Friday had an umbilical bleed and she was a lot weaker than this one and screaming loudly). How can I help him???

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Jun 6, 2017
Dunlap TN
There's not much you can do as far as I know other than make sure it's drinking, it may not eat for a bit but that's ok for a couple of days. Be sure you put some vitamins in their water it will help with energy and making sure they are getting what they need.
Also keep an eye out for the other chicks picking at the spot. Otherwise it's just a time thing. Some will do just fine others don't. Good luck! I hope it pulls through! :fl

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