help chick is pipped at wrong end


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need help chick pipped big piece of shell off 2 hrs ago his beak is opening and closing behind membrane is it going to drown or can it breath
here is a bit about a pointy end opening. if they pecked the shell and a piece came off mostlikely it can breath because they had to break the membrane to break the shell, and it is slight you may not notice. and let it hatch on its own. if it was the round end, first they poke the membrane to the air cell 24 hrs later they make a outside hole then rest could be another 24 to hatch., if you see them breathing weird they just are not used to our air and adjusting, and absorbing yolk. trouble with side hatching, they are probably less ready to hatch because they don't have 24 hrs in air cell then another 24 resting before the hatch. they will hopefully hatch on their own in you just leave it be.
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First of all do not panic!!!! If the chick pipped, he has access to air. He should not drown unless if your humidity is way too high. Normally a chick pips internally and breathes for a while,sometimes a full day, before pipping, and even then it can take over 24 hours after the pip. I have found in my experience chicks pipped on the wrong end take longer to be ready to help out then chicks that pipped in the air cell.

Read over this before doing anything:
thank you I can see the chick breathing. I have been staring at it thru the window all day. Have 3 other pips and one is on the wrong end too. so I am going to bed and hopefully I have chicks in the morning. Thank you again
shipped eggs can be pip at wrong end or if they got put in incubator pointed end up. but I think pointed end up ones don't even hatch.
Chicks can misposition in the egg if incubated pointy side up even if they aren't shipped, but shipping can damage the air cells making malpositioned chicks a little more likely. Sometimes a mispositioned chick just happens, even if you incubated air cell up and properly turned them. They often need help but sometimes a chick can even hatch on its own at the wrong end of the egg.

Hatching takes A LOT of time, so do not panic if they are still in the eggs come morning. It may be necessary to assist the wrongly positioned chicks if you do not want to let them die, but I would open the bator as little as possible, maybe not at all, while everyone else is hatching. You do not want to lose the humidity and shrink wrap the whole bunch trying to save one or two! Once everyone else hatches it will be more likely the remaining malpositioned ones will need help if they couldn't do it on their own.

Many people refuse to help chicks at all, feeling that chicks that could not get out on their own are going to fail to thrive. This is not necessarily true in my opinion. I have saved many chicks that grew into healthy, strong birds. I have only ever regretted helping one out once.

I have noticed that chicks that are mispositioned and need to be helped out tend to often have initial toe and leg issues, which are normally easy to correct without long term problems.

It is your call on whether or not you want to help if they do not hatch.
I hate this computer I just wrote a long page and it got deleted. Anyways as I was saying thank you all it was still the same this morning so took a little off shell and put back. I use too do this 5 yrs ago I forgot how stressful it can be.Bugglesmommy like you these are my babies and pets if they need help I do it. A lot of human babies need help out too cant stand to watch them die when I can save them. You would not believe the ones I have saved ( from being left by mom for a whole day and they were ice cold to one duck had maggots in shell ) took them put them in incubator ( cleaned out maggots of course it was moving just had maggots in shell) and they lived and were perfect. Thank you again I have to go spend the day in front of incubator lol

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