help! chick leg problems!


Sep 11, 2020
hey! i have a new chick that hatched about two days ago and i noticed it has curled toes, aswell as some odd leg deformity. the leg simply won’t move from its position. please help me with the most efficient treatment for both the curled toes and deformed leg. i’ve attempted to fix the curled toes but i may need a small tutorial on how to fix both the issues. please help!



Apr 22, 2014
New York
The toes, you will need to straighten them onto a small cardboard and tape them and keep changing the foot pad as needed. The toes can improve of position right away. The leg is another task, can you try to manipulate it to move? Check for swelling too. Do you have a better picture , close up of the leg? As for the toe , you are going to make basically a little slipper for the bottom of the foot (I’ve used cardboard) and tape each toe into the right position. The leg needs to be checked for the above swelling. Check the tendon area as well to see if both joints look the same. Please keep us posted. The sooner you help, the better , because everything will firm up and become difficult to realign.

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