help!! chick piped 12+ hours ago, blood on membrane


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6 Years
Dec 28, 2013
This is the first chick to pip in this hatch and its been stuck like this for a greater part of the day, not pecking the shell but peeping a lot and nibbling on the membrane. The membrane was starting to get a little brown, i just ran up to check and theres blood around the edges of the membrane. What should I do? or will i just wait this out and hope for the best?
It dosent matter about it taking its time, hatching is very tyring for the chick, and there usually is a bit of blood on the membrane or the eggs, its all a part of hatching, hope this helps :) let me know about the rest of the chicks
is this a dangerous amount? ive looked at lots of references and none of them looked like this
(I have 13 eggs, on day 21, 7 piped including this one)
this same chick is now hitting the upper edge of the pip with the top of its beak to get break the shell. It looks very distressed, will it even get out of its shell this way? please help
chick hatched and is bouncing around the brooder. Looks okay, still full of life. Thanks for everyones help
the little thing is quite the peeper, its still a little damp (this picture is moments after hatch).
Is it okay that its legs are shivering a little bit ? Is there anything else I can do?
Yes that is fine they are not shivering they are shaking, that means he is just trying to stand up which is a good sign and not really ahah :)

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