HELP! chick was crushed by broody hen and has part of its cord hanging


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so i kicked out the broody and put the remaining eggs under my broody silkie

the buff orp had already crush a chick to death during the night and i 'saved' this guy in time.

i think he was pipped and hatching but not ready to get out when the hen crushed the egg open. so he hatched early.

it looks like part of it is not absorbed all the way. i took him and rinsed that with warm water and poured iodine on it. there is a little yellow and something that looks similar to chick poo sticking out of it.

i then placed it under the broody hen and hoped for the best. 50% chance i gave it. that was yesterday

today it is alive and still kicking. one eye wont open and has a little crusty to it and the other has some but will open it occasionally. it will kick and chirp when i hold it but i do not know if it can walk. it still hasn't fluffed out like its buddies did.

the stuff is still sticking out but looks a little dried. i put a few drops of water to the chicks beak and poured more iodine on it and stuck it under the broodie. she stepped on it so i moved it under her breast next to a pipped egg.

i do not think it can walk, yet.

i do not know what to do. i feel bad for it but the fact it survived the night amazed me, it wants to live (had a chick die mid hatch, in the egg, during the night).

i knew not to pull on it any thanks to reading about others similar problems but theirs never survived a day mine has....

please help!
Well I don't know much but I'll help all I can. Id give that baby a heat lamp, it's own sugar water, and some food. Keep it seaparate and give it time. Keep the iodine watered down 1 part to 4 parts water. Too strong will do more damage than good. Wash the eye and non injury areas with a warm and wrung out damp cloth. Th chick sounds like it's covered in egg goopy. Being more comfy would help it heal. Also a pic works wounders! Also maybe ty editing the topic title to somthing more to the point might attract more responders that know more about these things.Something like "Baby was hatching and got crushed by broody HELP!" That should get your post more attention GL!
I am a softy when it comes to my chicks hatching. If they need help I help, but I have learned when they are ready and not ready because of the blood in the membrane.

I had one that I had to help come out early and it still had yolk to absorb. There was not keeping it in the egg so I put him in the incubator by himself and fed him electolytes for energy and vitamins that he may be loosing due to the early hatch. he was very slow to walk. It took him 2 days to get walking while his hatch mates were walking in just a few min. I did notice that his wings were stuck to him and I guess they use their wings to help them balance so I got them unstuck with a little warm water. Then I just kept sitting him up on his feet so he knew what to do. At two days he was walking and today he is 2 weeks and you can't even tell him from the rest.

Hope this helps,

Good Luck.
alright well after having 2 chicks in a row die because of the hen picked at the cord i saved this one black chick. i have had to throw 4 chicks into the trash. so i was tired of seeing them die.

so first i un shrink wrapped it. the membrane hardened aroung id. and i had it hatch but the cord was sticking to the membrane. i brought it home and mom cut the cord. not too much bleeding. i put flour and a band aid on it and had it in a wet paper towl with the hair dryer on it.

mom. i love her she is awesome. she found a heating pad, a spong (told her about humidity) and we placed the chick next to the sponge on the heating pad on low. hopefully this works its the best i got. the silkie hen keeps pecking out the cords and i just couldn't stand it any more. the past 2 days i told myself it weas inevitable but now i had to try.

i think what happened with some of these eggs is that somehow they didnt get turned enough and the yolk stuck to the membrane and so when they hatch they get up and the cord is connected to the membrane as they kick it away.... so they end up killing themselves...

so a few days of rehab if the chick survives and once it is fluffy and walking around i will add it back to its buddies.

on a lighter note a chick hatched and had egg goo on its face so as it fluffed out its face got stuck to the silkie hens feathers. it was weird i put one hand under the hen and lifted her so the chicks fall out and here is the chick hanging off the hens butt. i shook the hen to try to get it loose but it still stuck so i brought the hen out to try and separate it and then she got pissy and flapped and the chick got seperated. it looks alright besides the fact part of its face and neck never fluffed out.

i am just having the worst luck with hatching right now..... in the future i will get an incubator (2 years from now... the fully automatic brinsea looks perfect for $250)

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