help!! Chicken boil with infection

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    I have a very beloved chicken who (unbeknownst to me) had a large festering boil that broke over the weekend. I noticed it when she was roosting this morning. It is a massive, putrid infection. Not a single vet will look at her. We've given her warm clothes, squeezed pus and goo out for the last half hour. Have used q-tips with peroxide to clean even deeper in the wound, but it's still disgusting and needs even more work. I know it's not looking too good for her. I am nowhere near a tractor supply store but can drive to one, but I wouldn't know what to get. We're keeping her in a calm dark room right now.... Any ideas? I'll try to include the pic.... But it's graphic!!

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    Blue kote works wonders on infections. I would keep her clean and use the peroxide about half strength/ you can mix it with some distilled water and then apply neosporin. If you can get some blue kote spray then you can put that on her instead. If you need to put her back with the flock later, the blue kote will also help prevent the others from picking at her.
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    Pictures are good... I use betadine to flush out wounds.
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