HELP: Chicken Flopping Around, Head Pointed Downwards

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    Dec 21, 2009
    My friend's chicken, A silver penciled plymouth rock bantam, is flopping around and is very off balance. It also has it's head pushed against it's neck. It was fine when they first got it, it got reserve variety at a show, but now it has these symptoms. Whats wrong with it????? It doesn't have any lesions like marek's disease often has.... but I think it might be that. Thanks CBS
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    Don't know if anyone has responded yet. I'm going through this with a rooster of mine right now. I think my guy has wry neck. There are many things that can cause the symptoms you are describing. Its usually a neurological problem of some sort, but the cause is hard to determine.
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    here is what i do in a case like that- get them on polyvisol baby vitamins, without iron, a couple drops on the beak- do a search for wry neck- sometimes this can be caused by a lack of certain vitamins, he may have to hand feed and water, possibly isolate for his own safety too. There are other things other than mereks to be concerned with, could be wry neck, could be a head injury, so don't give up on them! pics and description of poop and feeding is helpful too

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