Help! Chicken in shock or pain?


Aug 8, 2016
Two days ago three of my two month old chickens were chased by my dog and hid all day. I looked for them and only found two. When I finally gave up looking for the other I thought she would die from a predator during the night, but yesterday she showed up. When I looked her over for injures I found some bruising on her back and sides, but nothing major, and she has no open wounds. I thought she would get picked on by the other chickens so I put her in a dog crate with food and water. She she will drink the water if I put her head to it (same with the food) but I have not noticed her have any desire for food or water on her own. She is alert but keeps one eye closed at times. She will open the eye and it does not look to be injured. She is also very wobbly and when she walks its very carefully. If I hold her she sticks her legs straight out. Is she in shock still or in pain? If she is in pain is there anything else I can do for her?

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