HELP Chicken not feeling well with diarrhea


May 7, 2015
My hen has not been eating for 3-4 days is weak and has diarrhea.

I am very concerned, I have changes nothing, same feed, water and treats. I let them out in the yard daily. She has been isolating herself and makes noises like she has some pain.

Here is a pic of her poo.

What should I do, she is not happy and I am afraid if she does not eat she will wither away.

The other chickens are just fine, I have 9 total.

Thanks, Gayle

Grain Gypsy

6 Years
Apr 9, 2015
Sedgwick County, Kansas
@gmbaigno ,

I am so sorry your hen isn't feeling well. Here is an article I found on The Chicken Chick blog called What's the Scoop on Chicken Poop?: The Digestive System Examined. It is all about chicken poo; what's healthy and what's cause for action. It looks like, based on the article, that you've got poo coming from your hen that calls for action. Worms, virus, or bacteria, maybe? I would read over this article and maybe even check out the additional book she references in the article. Good luck with your hen. Keep us updated!

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