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    Feb 11, 2017
    My chicken had an unknown bloating disease , So I recently separated her from the males.but a rooster mated with her and caused her to lay in egg. I saw the egg in her pen, perfectly fine. But her butt was producing yellow and red substance.what do I do???[​IMG] she can still drink and eat but her behavior is less walking
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    Separate her from the others. She may have suffered a prolapse, but hard to tell in the picture. I would soak her bottom in warm soapy water, and clean of the material. Then apply either honey or Prepearation H to her red tissue to reduce swelling, and try to push it back inside. Keep it moist with one of those 2 things, or use some oil, but don't let it dry out or the red tissue can die. Post a picture again when you get it clean, so we may see more clearly. Below is a typical picture of a prolapsed vent. Here is some info on prolapse:

    photo by whatsupchickenbutt of a prolapse
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