help - chicken with a bald spot and lum on her head - now with photos!


9 Years
Oct 21, 2010
This is a bit of a long story....
My Buff Orp's comb was (I assume) pecked almost completely off by one of our other two girls. (A wellsummer and aurcauna). Not sure who the offender was. We cleaned her up and applied Blu Koke.

This happened on the day she laid her first egg. (All the girls are the same age and have been together since chicks from the feed store)

Then about a week later I notice that she has a very uniform bald spot on the back of her head at least the size of a quarter. It seemed to happen "overnight". It was behind where her comb (now gone) would have ended.

I assumed the other girls decided to pick on her again and separated them.

Then her head started to swell and it looks like a very uniform small ball is under her skin. It is also a bit purplish, like a bruise. There is no scab or open wound. No weeping or smell. Also, her feathers are starting to grow back in the bald spot

Is this a tumor? Is it a secondary infection? Any ideas? I will try to post a pic in the am..


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