HELP! Chicken with dislocated(???) or something else leg


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
I have a chicken who i rescued about a month ago from a shelter after she came in unable to walk. I've been working with her and she was able to stand up and had started walking on her own, seemed like she was getting better. Today she can't get up, her legs keep going out behind her and somewhat out to the side every time she tries. I've felt them and rotated them around, she doesn't act as if it hurts her, no crying out no moving nothing, and it doesn't feel as if it's dislocated or broken or anything.

When I got her she saw a vet and he didn't think it was Mareks, and the fact that she has continuously gotten better made it seem more as if that wasn't it. he had thought she had some sort of muscle or nerve damage.

has anyone had this happen before??? any ideas? Please??? She's not very old, maybe a couple months, still peeps like a chick and I'd hate to lose her after putting in so much effort getting her better. :(
anyone? I don't think it's dislocated, she seems to have full use of it she just can't get her feet to stay under her and it ends up behind her...
I have had chickens lose use of legs with arthritis type infections. I usually just give them shot of penicillin and tylan 50 under skin on breast and tylan 50 in water and I will at times wrap them with coban or in towel to hold leg in right position. I also give them ensure if they aren't eating to make sure they keep nutrition. 1/2cc to 1cc of penicillin and if small chicken will give 1/4 cc of tylan 50 and 1/2cc of penicillin.
someone sent me a link to I tried to copy it here but ended up with a lot more dot and commas than I thought it should have. The site had a lot of good info on orthopedics in chickens. Good luck.
I will take syringe and draw up some ensure in it and slowly squirt it in their mouth watching them swallow so as not to choke them but to get them to drink some or I will take syringe with tube "save a lamb" tube sets work and push tube down throat into crop and push some ensure into their crop so they have some nutrition if they are not eating well. I add 3 cc of tylan 50 to gallon of water for antibiotic. I use tylan and penicillin alot but tylan covers alot of infections if that does't cover it I go to tetracycline or LA 200 and give banty size chicken 1/2cc and smaller one 1/4 cc and big chicken 1cc under skin on breast. i add tetracycline to water but hate how it turns so dark so I like to add powder to boiled egg crushed with raw oatmeal (not cooked minute oats) as treat to chickens that are ill, They love it.
Where would you find these things? I've never seen them at our local feed stores, will have to go look again tomorrow,

i do have her wrapped in a towel, she keeps escaping! silly bird... hoping now that it's night she'll calm down and go to sleep!

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