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Apr 4, 2015
so my chicken's foot is kinda turned in just a tiny bit. She dosn't walk but she can she just kinda hobbles along and her nails are getting really long from not using them she is alert and happy like usual but just lays there with her tail drooping to the ground I've been feeding her aspirin and calcium tablets and putting her on a heating pad for 10 mins a day but she isn't getting any better! and yes she has been vaccinated against Marek's Disease
she wont stay still lol but I found a tiny black scab with red around it so I'm pretty sure its bumble foot :( What is the treatment for that?
Well treatment should be done by a avian vet but if you don't have an avian vet near by this is what you do...

1. Soak her foot in warm Epsom salt water in a sink or a baby pool.

2. Scrub the spot on her foot to make it clean.

3. Now apply a antimicrobial such as vertainicyn on the surface of her foot to kill any other bacteria.

Your bumble foot on your chicken does not sound serious enough for surgery so this is what you will do next...

4. Next you finish the prosedure by excising the scab with a scalpel and apply a antibiotic and put on nonstick gauze and rap her foot with an elastic bandage. Everyday 2-3 times you should put a antimicrobial on the wound and recover with the bandaid until it looks healed.

If this doesn't work she may have a more serious bumble foot which means you would have to do a more serious procedure which is not to serious though. :)
The scab won't come off I'm not sure if she has a weird black dot on her foot lol should I just keep picking?

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