Help chickens at window in cold


7 Years
Sep 15, 2016
Hey my friends chickens are smushing against window she put them in garage but they ran out and back to window. It’s snowing so I told her they’re probably cold but they felt warm picking up. Any ideas what’s going on here? Thanks


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I can see what you mean if they are 10 weeks or older, but in the winter you need to be very vigilant of the temp b/c a breeze in forty degree temp and your little bird is done for.

just how I raise my birds ;)
I'm in the middle of building a run for my flock. Until it's completed though, their favorite place to huddle when it rains or snows is my backdoor. Right on the threshold. So. Much. Poop. Often when I open the door to go inside, they try to follow. Chickens may not be as smart as a dog, but they aren't dumb either.

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