Help, chickens becoming droopy with diarrhea...?

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    Hi, so about two months ago one of my hens had begun acting off and would just stand around and sleep and that got progressively worse over the coarse of a few weeks until she eventually died. That was a few weeks ago and I didn't think too much of it as I thought it was just something wrong with that hen or maybe old age (tey are about 3 1/2 yrs). Now one of my other hens has started showing the exact same signs of that hen and I assume it's somthing related because other than that I've never lost a chicken to an illness. She is standing around and moves slowly, doesn't run, and stays in the coop most of the time and sleeps in her nest box. Also her backside was covered in poop I'm guessing because she has diarrhea although today I put her in warm water and washed it off. I have her inside now and noticed that she is deffinitley eating but not acting herself. I'm thinking that the hen that died may have had worms and that now this one does too. I've fed her some safeguard dewormer pellets (fenbendazole) but she eats around them and plus that package is probably 4 years old now so I don't know if it's even effective. I'm thinking of going to the feed store and buying ivermectin but I'm not sure if I should inject it or give it orally? So does anyone have any advise of what I should do with her? Do you think it's worms or maybe something else? Any advise would be appreciated, thanks!
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    If you're going to get more wormer get liquid Safeguard or Valbazen, don't waste you money on ivermectin. I hate to say this, but 3 years is about when I start to see reproductive issues in mine, so that might be what you have going on. Worming won't hurt.

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    The wormer suggestions were good, but you shouldn't overlook the possibility of Fowl Cholera. It is more common than most people seem to realize:

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