help:-( chicks not fluffing up.


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May 29, 2012
Hi guys!
This is the first time we have hatched chicks with our incubator and we were able to hatch 5. Unfortunately two were born with a red, bloody sac on their rear and one of them passed away this morning:-(. I moved them from the incubator to the brooder about 12-24 hours after they hatched and they are still very gooey looking. Does that mean they are not healthy? I'm worried that they aren't going to make it! Any suggestions you can give me would be SO appreciated. Thank you!!!
The red stuff you are reffering to on their bums was probably the yolk sac not fully obsorbed. It happens and may or may not close up after hatch. I would say if you have any more that have this then probably best to put them in the incubator with high humidity for a while longer. Seem to help it close up faster in my experience if you leave them in the bator until its fully closed. As for not fluffing you could try wetting them a little bit with warm water and rubbing them with a wash rag. That usually does the trick. Just the friction from the rag seems to work but I like to wet them first in case theres any slim or egg white residue on them. I breed silkies so I've delt with fluffing and fluffing issues : )
Oh and
and congrats on your new little ones!!!!
I've replied on your other thread on the topic. Good luck with your chicks and keep us posted. Hope all goes well.
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I'm having the same problem. One of my chicks which came later than its eight brothers/sisters is only half fluffed up. It was born last night and by the morning its underside was fluffy but not along its back and the top of its head. I cleaned it gently a damp sponge and left it a couple of hours but it is STILL not fluffing up on top. What should I do? Keep trying to clean it or just leave it be? It is otherwise healthy, quite active and has eaten and drank a tiny bit.

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