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Dec 15, 2013
Please help,

I have a chicken sitting on some eggs, trouble is the rooster left around 6/8 weeks ago, can someone tell me if this is possible, or is she having a fantom brood if there is such a thing

Chances are if the rooster left that long ago the eggs won't be fertile (although it is heard of).

You have 3 choices, either:

1) Break her broodyness (you will find lots of info, just search "how to break a broody hen")

2) Once your sure she's sitting tight which is usually after 2 nights of sitting, give her some fertile eggs.

3) Let her be & don't disturb her (not recommended because she will lose a lot of weight with no chicks to show & some hens will die trying to hatch their broods.)

Its a real shame your not by me, I really need a broody!

Got a bodge job incubator at work instead
I gave up the wait after 2 months. I got a specific hen to go broody (cochin bantam) so I can hatch chicks & the thing lays an egg a day with the layers with no intent on going broody, just marches off the nest & goes into the pen with the layers twice her size for her day of fun, food & toys. Just typical!
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The absence/presence of a roo does not dictate whether a hen goes broody. It isn't so much a "phantom" brood as just a matter of she has gone broody - if/when a hen does she will set on eggs, fertile or not. How long has she been on these eggs? There *is* a window of time between exposure to the roo and end of fertilized egg production - so depending on the exact timing of his departure and the laying of the eggs she is currently setting there may be a possibility of viability
She has been sitting on them for 4 days, and when I go near her she is very grumpy

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