Help- could pressure treated wood be the issue?


7 Years
Oct 5, 2012
We are new to “chickens” in the family, and have had a heartbreaking 2 week period. We built our run area using pressure treated wood. We took left over cuts and made 2 chicken feeders, thus not having feed on the ground, and elevated the feeders on a brick at each end. For awhile (about a month or so) we had no problems. Our chickens were running around being happy go lucky chickens. (Now, I do need to add, my flock is young (the oldest being 7 mo. old rooster) down to 13 week pullet, and the pullets (from 13 weeks to 28 weeks or so) are NOT laying eggs yet.)

Then, two weeks ago we started seeing changes in the chickens (they became lethargic, poop wasn’t normal healthy type (was brownish red) and chickens were sleeping standing up, not as active) and began losing our chickens. In the process, our roosters stopped crowing (2), and they have just recently this week started back (thank goodness). When we started losing chickens, we removed the feeders that we built, thinking maybe it is the pressure treated wood and have now gone to a galvanized pan for feeding, set one brick height off the ground. Today we lost two more- for a total of 6 now.

I can say I don’t see signs on the rest of the birds like I had been seeing, and I am hoping for an upturn and that my flock is mending. We have added minced garlic to the water in the last week, (I read somewhere it may help reverse the effects if is the pressure treated wood.) We also have added electrolytes to the water- even though the weather is cold here (in the 50’s for the highs). Only my larger birds are affected, I have some chicks that are not in with the others that have not been affected and never used the pressure treated wood feeders. Could it be the pressure treated wood and did we unknowingly poison our chickens? And what do I need to do now? I still have about 12 other birds that were exposed, and not showing the signs that the others were (at least not yet). Any ideas and help would be great- and thanks in advance.
Hate to this, sorry for the losses. I work as FF and the major hazard associated with pressure treated wood is the fact that one of the chemicals used is arsenic, when burned it off gasses. In my opinion, most pressure treated wood is still "wet" when purchased and will off gas, and in the case of a feeder it could leach into the food. Treatment for arsenic is another story. It is heavy metal like Mercury, and affects the liver, kidneys, bowels, respiratory system, and major dehydration. In humans treatment by IV, gastric lavage, and closely monitored medical application. In poultry, fluids and prayer. sounds like you have done all you can do.

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