HELP!!!!! did eggtopsy and its still alive!!!!! *sad update*


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Sep 13, 2009
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i'm getting very worried!!!! there isn't any reason why it should take this long to hatch! if it hatched yesterday i would understand (today is day 23) i mean, the first day the temp was only a few degress below normal temp.

would it hurt to my a hole for it? or will it end in neck muscles not being strong enough?
when candled, it looks the exact same as it did on day 20.
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Candle and see if it's pipped through the air sac yet.

If so, then yes. Just a small hole in the air sac so the chick won't be running low on air.

Any noises or movement from it?
theres always a first
when you candle, you will see the beak pipped through in to the air sack at the large end of the egg.

I tap on the egg as I hold it to my ear. YOu can hear scratching and tapping back if it's alive.

By this point, if I heard nothing, I would poke a hole in the air sack end and chip away shell until I could see the chick clearly. You will be able to tell if it's still alive or not.
If it's day 23 and you don't hear any chirping or movement in the egg, it is probably dead already. What was the temp and humidity in your incubator during the incubation? Do you have a still air or a forced air?

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