HELP!!! Did my eggs drown??? Update! Got one!!! Pic page 2!


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Jan 18, 2008
We've been having a lot of rain here lately, and I have a semi-feral silkie (I know! Sounds crazy!) that I got from my FIL. She went broody and is due any day now. I had loosely figured this weekend, since she went broody while I was down with the Flu.

I had tried to move her yesterday to a pen with straw, because she has been under a bush. She refuses to go in the barn and won't associate with the other chickens. She isn't friendly AT ALL! She wouldn't go. Freaked out and left the nest for almost an hour after I let her back out.

Finally, after noticing the pool is overflowing, and she is right by it, I went out and put her back in the pen. When I reached down and got the eggs, only the tops were above water.
I am not sure how long they have been like that...maybe an hour?

Do I candle them? Could I see anything? I did get them into an outdoor pen, with some dry straw and she is laying on them. I was careful to lay them on the same sides she had them on. What can I do? The tops of the eggs are warm, because she was still incubating them.

Will they all die? Should I put new eggs under her or try and pass off the week old chicks as hers?

I hope someone has some answers for me! If I do candle them, what should I see?

There's only 4 eggs left out of the 12 she started with.


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No one has any suggestions? This is the first time I've had eggs that a broody was hatching. Will I be able to tell anything if I candle??

I'm guessing they're due this weekend. I was sick when she went broody, so not 100% sure.


Since they are that close I would leave her on them. In a week or so you may want to have a back up plan of available day old chicks you can put under her at night if they don't hatch.
Yes they can hatch if you either put them in a bator or back under her. Even half drowned muddy eggs I've had hatch here. It is possible. Dog crates work well for people who have anti-social chickens if she'll eventually calm down in one.

I wouldn't bother candling til they've been warm for 48 hours, sometimes that kind of cooling off can muddle appearances in the eggs and slow or stop movement for awhile.

And if you're putting them back under the hen, just put them under the hen and leave her to them, rather than molesting her repeatedly if she doesn't like people.

Fussing with a broody is a good way to get dead eggs.

Admittedly broodies can be super stupid, but once you have her locked in a safe place, let it be if she'll sit.
Thanks for the replies.
She's been super diligent about immediately removing bad eggs. Even as close as 3 days ago. So far, they are all still under her. I did move her to a pen that is right by her old nest. This is the one she threw a fit about a few days ago, but settled in immediately last night. I think she knew the eggs were in trouble. I'm not sure how old she is, but she has had several clutches for my FIL and the guy he got her from, so she is an experienced mom. I think that is what will be working in the eggs favor.

I read that the last few days the eggs need more humidity...guess they got it! LOL! They weren't completely submerged, but over half way. She was still sitting on them, so the top half was warm. Hopefully they didn't get too cold for too long.

Thanks for the reassurances! These will probably all be mutts, but this is our first hatch, so we are really excited about it! Hopefully I'll have some pics to post on Monday!


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