Help!!! Dog Attacked My Chicken


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My chickens were roaming the yard, my coon hound broke her chain and got a hold of one of my 5 month old chickens. she has no feather left on her back and some pretty deep teeth marks. she hasnt moved for a while and she isnt eating or drinking, what should i do.
Just saw your message. How is your chicken doing? My golden retriever attacked and killed two of my 2 month old aracondas (easter egger) hens last month. Have you put neosporin on her wounds? Please let me know how she is. Thanks, arbonne (DebraJoy)
We've had neighbors dogs have attacked on two different occasions and they both lived and one that actually now that I think about it we don't know what attacked it. That one was way too deep and didn't make it. We put the injured birds in a crate with water and food and check on them lots and lots. Hope yours makes it.
She's probably shocky. Put her in a warm, dark, dry place (dog crate in bathroom or garage works good) If she's a freindly pet type chicken you might even wrap her lightly in a towel and hold her on your lap until she comes around. After she's a bit more alert clean her up with warm soapy water and dry her off--surprisingly most of them seem to enjoy the blow drier on low. You can put neosporin (without pain reliever) on the wound or spray it with blu-kote or watered down iodine. If all you have is peroxide dilute it 50/50 and only use it once since it is kinda harsh and repeated use will impede healing.

Make sure she has fresh water, if you have any electrolyte solution that is good too. I give my injured/ill birds scrambled eggs too. It's a good high value food and most of them love it and will eat a bit even if they really don't feel good. Canned cat food is also a good bet if she won't eat the scrambled egg.

Good luck and don't lose hope just yet. It's really amazing what they can survive with a bit of tlc.
I hope I'm not sounding too obvious, but be sure to keep your injured girl seperated from the flock until her wounds are closed. I just went through the exact same situation, with the same age bird. It took her about a week, living in a crate seperated from the flock, until I was able to put her back in the coop. The ointment worked wonders and every single feather grew back!
thanks everyone, she is still not moving. its getting cold at night so i put here in a box with straw and a heat lamp since her back half has no feathers. I bought some blu- kote, tomorrow im gonna try to clean it out. i hope she makes it through the night. i'll keep everyone posted

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