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    Jan 22, 2014
    Hi all. I have a 10 y/o mallard drake who was fine this morning. However, when I got home from work I immediately knew something was wrong, as he usually meets me quacking at the door and I instead found him laying uncomfortably b/t the bed and wall; not making a sound. His legs are limp. He cannot bear weight on them. Both seem equally affected. I can't imagine he'd break both legs, so now I am fearing for a blood clot. He was listless and I thought I'd lose him sooner than later...... And after about 3 hours now he is perking up, taking some water, but won't eat and cannot use his legs. I have not taken him to the ER vet because they will confiscate him as he is considered "wildlife" (even though he's been a house duck in diapers for 10 years). Any ideas or suggestions?? I'm so worried he's in terrible pain.
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    Just some thoughts - is it spring-summer where you are, or autumn-winter? Older drakes can have troubles with their reproductive parts especially during mating season.

    He could have an infection, or is it possible he ate something toxic? If toxin, a flush followed by charcoal slurry and lots of fresh water may help.

    It is a tough situation you are in, not being able to get a vet's help.

    Anti-inflammatories may help . . . aspirin is not recommended, but hennible got some information from a vet a while ago.

    A note on pain killers for ducks. Straight from the vets mouth, ducks can have Advil.
    For ducks 6-8 lbs 25-40mg twice daily adult tablets cut up or children's liquid Advil 1.5ml twice daily, orally.

    (Amiga's arithmetic – 8 pounds 40 mg is 5 mg per pound
    6 pounds 25 mg, is just over 4 mg per pound)

    so, that translates to 4 - 5 mg per pound of duck


    Something else to consider is a product called Manna Feast - super nutrition. Read about Young Matthew. May not be the same thing, but worth considering.
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