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    So my pekin duck went broody and was sitting on a batch of about 15 eggs. Throughout the laying period, she kicked some out and we threw some out because of candling showing no life. We are now at day 29 and the eggs have yet to hatch. Some eggs have dark spots all over them, while some are completely white. I attached photos. Are these eggs still good? What should I do? [​IMG]
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    Always candle before tossing, but that egg may not be any good. Here is a good chart to go by.[​IMG] Day 29 means nothing to ducklings so don't give up yet could still be a day or 2. Let us know what you see when you candle.
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    The ones with all the dark splotches have died and are going bad. Of course candling before tossing any egg is a always a good idea, but be careful with those ones that they don't explode on you while doing it. If you give them a good sniff they probably don't smell very good, either. You'll want to get rid of those right away.

    Can you quickly candle the ones that don't have the dark splotches as well so you can see what's going on inside? 28 days for incubation is just a ball park figure, they can hatch 2-3 days earlier or later than that. So, there is still hope for them! :)
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