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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by bradganino, Apr 2, 2017.

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    Apr 2, 2017
    Hi everyone, please help.'

    Imnew to hatching, ihad 6 pekin duck eggs, at day 8 i got rid of one due to it beeninfertile, at day 25 all 5 eggs had movement on candling and a perfect airsac (comparing to picture ive seen) ive read up so much on duck eggs its crazy!!

    Imon day 29-30 i put my eggs in on the 3.3.17 in australia at 2200 hours, however i just turned on the incubator for the first time at the time i put the duck eggs in, dont know if this delays them in how longthey hatch??
    My problem is 3 eggs have no movement at the moment when candeling. However the other 2 is what im really worried bout and panicking -
    One has internally pipped and i opened during lockdown to candel tonight and can see its beak going up and down but no external pip yet!! Im woried his trapped - the air sac looks weird now, nothing like how it did but its defiantly alive

    The other one - you can see its beak just sitting in the perffectly shaped airsac likes its breakthing and can see the beak moving but no taping like movements.
    Help??? Its day 29-30 and their pekin ducks. I dont know if turning the incubator onat the time of putting eggs in delayed it?? Do i help the duckling out its egg? Think its been internally pipped for a couple days!!
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    If it's been internally pipped for over 24 hours, you can make a small safety hole at the top of the air cell so that it can breathe. Take a small sharp drill bit or screw and very gently make a small hole at the top of the air cell. Candle the egg first so you know you're in the right spot. Then put the egg back in the incubator and wait. Hopefully it will start to hatch on its own within the next 24 hours.

    You could have been running the temp too low, which might be why your hatch is delayed.
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  3. bradganino

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    Apr 2, 2017
    Hi thankyou for youre support and reply. I have done asyou said, i then candled the egg, his beak it sitting at the hole now!! Hopefully this helpedhim..

    What do i do now?? Would i of made the membrane harder??

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