Help...Duck with very strained breathing

How old is your duck? does he have buckets deep enough to clean his nares?

What about bedding is it dry? wet bedding can cause respiratory problems especially if it gets moldy. And it can be hard to spot mold unless it is turned daily or often.
i have had problems with him off and on since i rescued him. It seems like it happens when the weather changes. It has been windy and chilly..not the norm for Florida. Pond being drained due to leak, have deep water bowls for now..i did consider that but due to the history I don't think that's it but i want to bring him in and put him in my garden tub filled with water, however, I don't want to shock him with another temp change... God how i need to get in my garden tub myself right now...oh sorry inside voice! thoughts?
Do you have enough ventilation in the Duck house you lock them into?..Ammonia build up is hard on lungs..Could that be the issue?..I only use straw in the winter here..I use pine shavings the rest of the year..Straw gets too wet and stinking real quick..
Best wishes...
Try him inside alone and if he gets too stressed bring his his 2 amigos.

Are you giving them food and water inside their house? you can stop that adult ducks don't need it and it will keep their bedding dryer. I'd def switch to shavings[no cedar] and make it thick so you can scoop out wet, fluff and set to go. Vents in Fla may not be enough air circulation Can you show a pic of their coop? I'd also put some ACV into his drinking water and get some Vet RX It is like Vicks but for poultry. I just take my finger and rub across their nares, Not thick but since it's a liquid it only has to be a light smear. the ACV is 1 Tab to a gallon of water ACV with mother is best this is a tonic.

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