Help! Duckling may have concussion!?


5 Years
May 26, 2017
One of my ducklings appears very sick. He eats and drinks only when my other duck makes him, and no longer bathes or preens at all (previously his favorite thing). Whenever I pick him up, he does this:

He always appears sleepy and is displaying less and less energy/movement every day. He doesn't even cry for my other duck anymore when I take her out of their box and he's alone. I'm very worried. What do I do??? How can I help him? If he dies, my other duckling will absolutely follow shortly after.. She is completely in love with her nest mate. :(
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Get some Nutrients drench and some vitamin supplements asap...both can be found at feed store. You can use poly-vi-sol without iron infant drops as well...and some nutritional or Brewers yeast for extra niacin...all ducks on chick starter need extra niacin. Did this result from injury? Spearmint can help if this is related to nervous system and brain health too. You have water deep enough for it to stick it's bill all the way in, as this is a must for ducks to clear their nares(nostrils).

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