HELP! Duckling problems

Jun 11, 2020
we hatched 8 ducklings that are about 4weeks old now. We were taking the ducks on a walk and stopped to talk to our neighbor's. Suddenly, their dog came out of the enclosure ( I don't even know how) and came after the ducks. 5 of the ducks ran to safety but 3 of them got confused and didn't follow their flock. The dog ended up tumbling with one and we thought it was OK...but the day after that I saw a gash (about the same size as a marble) on the little duckling. When I try to separate it from the others it quacks/peeps nonstop, but when I let it out it dirty. So far I've continued letting it spend time with the other ducks, but today the scan fell off....soooo. The second problem is one of our ducks is shaking (not from cold) we figured it was a niacin shortage, so we naturally bought niacin. But the pills have 250mg (which is waaaay to much) and I am not sure how to distribute it:barnie...pls help it would be greatly appreciated

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